Winlog Pro - SCADA HMI Software

Winlog Pro - SCADA HMI Software

martedì 3 aprile 2007

Free evaluation SCADA software

Download Winlog LiteIn this space we would like to suggest to everyone who needs an easy and low cost SCADA software to test our Winlog Lite:
click here to download.
Winlog Lite makes available all development tools and all functions provided by the Winlog Pro software package, but limits the possibility to develop and to run applications up to a max of 24 tags. We are available to discuss with everyone that tested Winlog Lite.     Contact us


Sielco Sistemi was created from the original group that in the early '90 has developed the software package for automation Winlog and now is offering its renewed and enhanced version Winlog Pro; our mission is to promote the diffusion of the SCADA software Winlog Pro all over the world through the continuous product updating and improvment, the close collaboration with our customers and Solution Providers and the enforcement and enlargement of our network of Distributors; the market penetration of Winlog Pro is also supported by the "low cost" version Winlog Lite that is entirely promoted and distributed through Internet; in addition to Winlog Pro and Winlog Lite softwares, Sielco Sistemi offers PClog, a family of industrial panel PCs, and provides complete hardware/software solutions for industrial plant supervision, production data acquisition, quality control.

Our products are:

- Winlog Pro: software package for SCADA/HMI applications with OPC Client and Web Server support
- Winlog Lite: software package for small SCADA/HMI - applications with OPC Client support
- PCLog: "touch screen" panel PC for HMI applications including SCADA software

Sielco Sistemi offers itself as a partner in development of integrated hardware/software solutions for a wide range of applications, such as supervisory control of industrial plants, production data acquisition and processing, quality control of production and storage process, remote control of peripheral devices or public utility networks. The specific know-how gained in various industrial sectors (from textile to plastic, from wood processing to food industry, from ceramics to telecommunications) makes of Sielco Sistemi a partner able to cooperate with you in a really effective way, to understand your problems, to find out the best solutions, to give a prompt answer to all your requirements. Our services and cooperation proposals can be offered directly or (when logistic considerations suggest it) via our network of Solution Providers and Distributors; our services cover all phases of a project development, from consulting in project design to cooperation in project development, from assistance during start-up to a complete post-sale support including technical assistance, training courses and software updates.