Winlog Pro - SCADA HMI Software

Winlog Pro - SCADA HMI Software

martedì 6 marzo 2012

Winlog Lite registration

Winlog Lite is the entry level version of the SCADA/HMI software Winlog Pro offered by Sielco Sistemi to allow an evaluation of the potentiality and the simplicity of use of the package; Winlog Lite is also a powerful and low cost solution for creation of small supervisory applications.

Winlog Lite
makes available most of development tools and functions provided by the Winlog Pro software package, but limits the possibility to develop and to run applications up to a max of 24 tags. Winlog Lite does not include Symbol Factory library and web support.

Winlog Lite can be executed both in Demo mode (without need of registration) and Full mode; in Demo mode, communication with external devices and sampling of external tags automatically stops after 15 minutes (if required, it can be restarted manually); in Full mode communication goes on without any limit of time.

You can download Winlog Lite here.

To run Winlog Lite in Full mode, it is necessary to buy a license "Winlog Lite" and carry out the registration procedure; "Winlog Lite" license is valid only on the computer used to carry out the registration procedure and can't be transferred to another computer.
"Winlog Lite" licence can be ordered via web only. It consists by an activation code (Licence key) received by e-mail.
The installation identification code file (Licence request) shall be sent to sales[at] You will receive the activation code (Licence key) for Winlog Lite Full mode execution.
Refer to instructions available in Project Manager, Guide | Registration menu to obtain the installation identification code file (Licence request) and to insert the activation code (Licence key).

For Winlog Pro licenses with plug type PC independent protection keys visit Winlog Pro Licenses page.

How to request Winlog Lite registration

How to register Winlog Lite

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