Winlog Evo - SCADA HMI Software

Winlog Evo - SCADA HMI Software

giovedì 13 settembre 2018

Supervisory control of a spinning plant

Winlog SCADA HMI Software, MQTT/Modbus IoT Gateway
Due to the sophisticated manufacturing process requested by polypropylene yarns, the technology has a decisive weight; the supervisory control of the whole manufacturing process makes it possible to produce any colour and to reproduce it consistently also after many months; the supervisory system guarantees that all product characteristics (torsions, title, tenacity, stabilization, ...) fit perfectly with technical specifications requested by the customer; that allows a product standardization with a consequent reduction of production and delivery times.

All phases of the manufacturing process (dosing of polymer and colour, heating, extrusion, stabilization and final winding with spool automatic change over) are constantly controlled by the supervisory system that, thanks to various serial channels with appropriate protocols, communicates with all control devices (PLCs, temperature and pressure controllers, motor drives, indicators).

The man/machine interface is simple, prompt and effective; it displays plant templates with different levels of detail, gives an immediate signalling of any new alarm or abnormal condition, allows management of working recipes organized by customers or articles, provides quality reports with graphical trends of all significant variables of the process.

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