Winlog Pro - SCADA HMI Software

Winlog Pro - SCADA HMI Software

lunedì 24 settembre 2018

What is SCADA

Winlog SCADA HMI Software, MQTT/Modbus IoT Gateway
The word SCADA means “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition”. The definition clearly explains what are the functions and objectives of a SCADA system, namely supervision, control and data acquisition.

A SCADA system is part of an architecture that includes:

  • One or more computers, connected to each other, that perform the supervisory functions and implement the human-machine interface (HMI)
  • A series of peripheral devices (RTUs, i/o Modules, PLCs) that interface to the process (machinery, plant, etc.) through sensors and actuators
  • A communication network, with a variety of transmission media and communication protocols, able to ensure the correct exchange of data between peripheral devices and supervisory computers
A SCADA software is an integrated development environment, which provides all the tools necessary to create SCADA applications, designed to run on supervisory computers and perform the functions that are typical of a SCADA system:

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